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Wardha district is one of the districts in Maharashtra state. The city of Wardha is the HQ of the district. Wardha District is bordered on the North and West by Amravati District, South Yavatmal District, South East Chandrapur District and in East Nagpur District. Wardha has large extent of fertile Agricultural Land. Land price in Wardha has increased lately. However low rate, cheap land is for sale in interior areas of Wardha District. Major Rivers of the district are Wardha River, Vena, Pothra, Bor, Dham, Panchdhara, Yashoda, Bakli and Kar. There are several irrigation projects in the district. Land is good for Agriculture except in some villages where land cost is low and cheapest land is available for Sale. Major agriculture crops are Soyabean, cotton, jowar, wheat, toor, pulses, groundnut, chana. Agricultural Land is available for Sale from Land Owners in Wardha. Wardha district has many industries manufacturing Steel products, cotton, fibers, sugar, viscous, polyester. Landzone.in will bring listing of , Agricultural Land, Cheap Farm Land, Industrial Land, Residential Land, Commercial Land, Vegetable Farm Lands, Paddy Fields, Groundnut Fields etc for Sale from all towns and villages of Wardha District including Wardha, Deoli, Seloo, Arvi, Ashti, Karanja, Hinganghat, Samudrapur, Jamb, Pulgaon, Kundina, Sindi etc. The focus of Landzone is to develop local database of land in association with Real Estate Agents in Wardha District for buyers to search and find land, at best cheap rate.

TALUKAS in Wardha

  • Hinganghat (L-0, P-1)
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02 acres of land for sale URGENTLY near village mandgaon , Wardha district
02 acres of land for sale URGENTLY near village mandgaon..


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