Tobacco is cultivated widely in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Bihar, Tamil Nadu and West Bengal. India ranks 4th in the total Tobacco consumption in the world. Due to soil characteristic, flue-cured tobacco in Andhra Pradesh, bidi-tobacco in Gujarat and cigar tobacco in Tamil Nadu. Red loam lands of Prakasam and Nellore districts and heavy black cotton soils of Guntur, Krishna, Prakasam and East Godavari districts are best for flue-cured tobacco. Tobacco seeds require about 21 degree centigrade temperature for germination. Temperature between 27 and 32 degree centigrade is desirable for rapid uniform germination. Tobacco is adapted to moderately acidic soils, with pH ranging from 5.5 to 6.5. Tobacco will not perform well in waterlogged soils as it is sensitive to water logging and impeded drainage. Land areas having a rainfall of more than 125 cm are not fit for tobacco production, whereas a rainfall of less than 75 cm results in production of leathery leaves having very high nicotine content in them. The crop cannot withstand frost and starts withering or wilting at a temperature above 35°C. Topping is removal of auxiliary buds at bud emergence stage. Topping improves leaf size, thickness, body and overall quality. Tobacco is an excellent source of phytochemicals viz., solanesol, nicotine, proteins, tobacco seed oil and organic acids (malic and citric) which have pharmaceutical, agricultural and industrial uses.

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