Castor plant is a tropical plant that is grown for its non-edible oilseed. The oil obtained from the seeds of this plant is a very useful raw material in many industries like soap, surface coatings, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, perfumes, greases and lubricants etc. Also the oil is used in a large number of medicines. India is the largest producer of the castor and contributes to around 65 % of the world’s total production. The total land area on which castor farming is done is around 7.0 lakh hectare. The major producers of castor with large castor growing lands re Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan, Karnataka, Orissa, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra. Gujarat, contributes to 86% of the total castor seeds produced in the country. Mehsana, Banaskantha, Sabarkantha, Gandhinagar, Ahmedabad and Kutch districts in Gujarat have Castor plantations on large land banks. Andhra Pradesh and Rajasthan follow Gujarat in the production of castor seed. In Andhra Pradesh, Castor Fields can be seen in lands in districts of Nalgonda, Mehboobnagar, Prakasam, Guntur and Ranga Reddy

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