Rubber is grown in Kerala and in some parts of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Tripura, Assam with Kerala accounting for 90% of the production of 8,50,000 tonnes in 2011. By 2015, its estimated that natural rubber production will reach 15 Lakhs tonnes in Rubber Estates in India. There has been sudden growth in demand for land for growing rubber in Kerala. This is primarily due to the fact that other crops are labor intensive while rubber is not. In effect, there is huge potential to make money, by buying and selling rubber plantations. The investors may note that economic life span of rubber tree is around 32 years out of this 7 years is immature phase and 25 years productive phase though rubber tree could live up to 100 years! After 30 years, rubber trees are culled and rubber wood is used to make furniture. The demand for natural rubber from rubber estates in India has been consistently exceeding supply. In FY 2011, the country produced 850,000 tonnes of natural rubber against a consumption of 9,50,000 tonnes. Obviously, investing in rubber plantations will give investors very good returns. In Kerala, Rubber Plantations are available for sale in Kannur, Kozhikode, Palghat, Wyanad apart from the traditional rubber growing districts of Kottayam, Idukki, Pathanamthitta and Ernakulam

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55 cent land with 1300 Sq. ft House for sale at Wayanad
55 cent land with 1300 Sq. ft House for sale at Kenichira.Sulthanbathery Block,Poothadi Panchayath,Poothadi Vi..

Agricultural Land for sale at Wayanad
8 Acre Agricultural Land for sale at Vellamunda.7 Acre dry land with 1 acre paddy land. Tar road side,Bus road..


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