1. What are the advantages we get by using

As an Agent / Seller your primary aim should be to reach buyers from all over India and abroad. Landzone brings latest technology to optimize your listings for high visibility on the internet.

Ads with Video & photographs are considered by buyers as most genuine and you can achieve faster turn around with You can post Videos at after creating an account there and copy the Video Link and insert it while posting your Ad. The Video will be visible in your Ad.

At Landzone you will be able to locate land in Villages which otherwise its impossible, without physically going and spending lot of time and money.

You can locate land in villages by going to Mandal /Taluk level in all districts on India. You can also use this deep linking, to post advertisements by selecting State / District / Taluk and then location.

2. Can we post Ads Free of Cost and also contact Advertisers Free of Cost? is absolutely free for posting Ads and making enquiries. Certain features like Video posting and multiple pictures are part of paid subscription

3. I want to advertise for selling of my Agricultural Land with Onion Crop. How can I get maximum enquiries?

In the Ad Title itself, include the most important keywords. Land Acres, Land Location, Crop Names etc. Also add pictures and video of the land showing crop. We will publicise the Ad across India and abroad

An Example of a Good Ad Title: "20 Acres of Agricultural Land with Onion Cultivation For Sale in Sattara"

4. I am an NRI and wish to invest in good land in India. How can I be sure of Title and other legal aspects?

Buyers have to verify ownership /Title deeds of land before they proceed. We plan to introduce a section devoted to land lawyers from different parts of India. These lawyers will take care of land document verification, for a fee payable by you to them directly.

5. What are the advantages in, investing in Land?

Land is limited but population is growing rapidly. Due to this, the price of land, whether agricultural or residential, will always go up.

In many parts of India, land is still very cheap! You can get 1 Acre for 1 Lakh and even less! Buy large tracts for investment. Look out for news about upcoming industrial / irrigation projects and buy land early in different states.

6. Can NRIs & PIOs Buy Agricultural Land in India?

NRIs and PIOs as well as foreigners are barred from buying Agricultural Land in India. But NRis can continue to own and also sell Agricultural land which was purchased or owned by them before they became NRI.

NRIs can also own Agricultural land by inheritance or receive Agricultural Land as Gift from Parents. Many parents buy Agricultural Land in their name and then gifts to NRIs (you may seek assistance of your CA / advocate in this regard)

7. Can NRIs & PIOs purchase Non Agricultural Land and Property in India?

There are no restrictions on the number of Non Agricultural properties including residential or commercial properties that NRIs and PIOs can purchase. The repatriation of profit is governed by relevant rules.

8. Can NRIs & PIOs purchase Agricultural land which in Govt. records is converted as Non Agricultural?

There is no restriction on buying converted Agricultural Land. The date of purchase should be after the date of conversion.

9. How can I convert Agricultural Land to Residential or other Land Use purposes?

Every state has certain rules and regulations related to conversion of Agricultural Land to other Land Uses. Generally, land owner has to apply to the concerned local revenue authority for conversion with specified fees, per acre of land to be converted. Certain pockets of ecologically or agriculturally sensitive lands can not be converted at all. For example, conversion could be banned in villages around large lake, conversion could be barred in low lying paddy fields to stop filling of land with earth for other purposes. There are a number of other conditions by different states regarding conversion (for example some states require 40 feet access road to the land to be converted. This could be impractical in most cases)

A local Advocate dealing in land matters will be able to help you in this matter.

10. Why do non farmers buy farm lands?

Many people buy land from farmers and lease it back for cultivation. Farm lands are available very cheap compared to "residential or industrial use" land. Traditionally in India, people have a great asipration to own land and once someone has adequate free cash to spend, he looks for acquiring land somewhere. Over a period, land price increases and the investor could sell and buy land in a different, more prominent place.

Large tracts of lands are bought for commercial farming, involving modern technologies and with participation of local communities.

11. Investment Opportunity

As the country is growing, industries are spreading everywhere and agricultural lands bought near upcoming projects give huge returns. A case in example is Sanand in Gujrat, where prices have gone up by 50 to 100 times after the Tata Group decided to move in from West Bengal with their Nano car Project. Announcements of Airports and large Highways make land prices around to flare up.

Certain agricultural commodities and the cost of land on which they are grown also go up based on movement of price of commodity. Recently prices of Gaur Seeds shot up by 100 times causing land price also to appreciate fast.


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