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Karimganj District is situated at the southern part of Assam and occupies a total area of about 1809 sq kms. The district HQ is located at Karimganj City. The district. The district is bordered on the North by Bangladesh and Cachar district; on the South by Mizoram and Tripura states, on the West by Bangladesh and Tripura and on the East by Hailakandi district. Paddy is the major crop. Potato, Rapeseed, Mustard, Sugarcane, Banana, Arecanut, Coconut etc are also grown in Karimganj District. Tea and rubber are the major plantation crops. Kushiara , Longai, Borak and Shingla are the important rivers of Karimganj and Suna and Rata are the main lakes. Karimganj has large extent of fertile Agricultural Land. Land price in Karimganj has increased lately. However low rate, cheap land is for sale in interior areas of Karimganj District. Karimganj District has a high potential for fishery, with a large number of rivers, swamps, ponds and other natural water bodies situated here Important Towns and Villages are Karimganj, Badarpur, Nilambazar, Patherkandi, Dullavcherra, Kaliganj, Lowairpoa, Mohakal, RamKrishna Nagar, Ratabari and Sadarashi etc Land is good for Agriculture except in some villages where land cost is low and cheapest land is available for Sale. Karimganj town is linked via both rail and road transport with the rest of India. Karimganj is also a borders trade centre and import-export business worth crores of rupees is carried out through the custom trade point at Kalibari Ghat in the town. Agricultural Land is available for Sale from Land Owners in Karimganj. Landzone.in lists, Paddy Fields, Residential Land , Agricultural Land, Cheap Farm Land, Estate Land, Plantations, Wet Lands, Hill Lands, Rural Lands, Real Estate Properties, Horticultural Farms etc for Sale from all towns and villages of Karimganj District . The focus of Landzone is to develop local database of land in association with Real Estate Agents Karimganj District, for buyers to search and find land, at best cheap rate.

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