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Nashik district (Nasik district), is a district in Maharashtra, India. The city of Nashik is the HQ of the district. Nashik district has an area of 15,530 SQ KM. It is bordered by Dhule district to the north, Jalgaon district to the east, Aurangabad district to the southeast, Ahmadnagar district to the south, Thane district to the southwest, Valsad and Navsari districts of Gujarat to the west, and The Dangs district to the northwest. The major rivers are Godavari River, Kadwa, Darna, Girna River, Aram, Vaitarna, Mosam River. Nashik has large extent of fertile Agricultural Land. Land price in Nashik Towns has increased lately. However low rate, cheap land is for sale in interior areas of Nashik District. Nasik district is highly developed with very good transport infrastructure, irrigation and excellent farms, orchards and estates. Land is good for Agriculture except in some villages where land cost is low and cheapest land is available for Sale. Major Agricultural Products are Bajra, wheat, paddy, cereals, sugarcane, onion, vegetables. Nashik produces huge quantity of vegetables and supplies to Mumbai and other parts of the country. This is apart from Pomegranate, grapes and flowers. There are sugar factories at Niphad, Ranwad, Palse, Materewadi and Vithewadi. Nasik is also an industrialized district with several factories including the National Security Printing Press. Agricultural Land is available for Sale from Land Owners in Nashik. Landzone.in will bring listing Grape Orchards, Horticultural Farms, vegitable Farm Lands, Sugarcane Fields, Onion Fields, Agricultural Land, Cheap Farm Land, Industrial Land, Residential Land, Commercial Land, Bajra Fields, Estate Lands etc for Sale from all towns and villages of Nashik including Nashik, Malegaon, Niphad, Kalwan, Sinnar, Igatpuri, Trimbak, Niphad, Yeola, Peint, Dindori, Chandwad, Nandgaon, Kalwan, Deola, Bhagur, Malegaon, Baglan, Bhagur, Dabhadi, Datyane, Deolali, Dyane, Eklahare, Ghoti Budruk, Lasalgaon, Manmad, Nampur, Ozar, Peint, Satana, Shivadi, Sinnar, Soyagaon, Surgana, Trimbak, Vadner, Vinchur etc. etc. The focus of Landzone is to develop local database of land in association with Real Estate Agents in Nashik district for buyers to search and find land, at best cheap rate.

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