About Palakkad District

Palakkad is bounded on the northwest by the Malappuram District, on the southwest by the Thrissur District and on the east by Coimbatore district . 25% of the lands in the district is covered by forests of Western Ghats. Palakkad has 5 Taluks: Alathur, Chittur, Mannarkkad, Ottappalam & Palakkad. The major towns are Alathur,Chittur, Kongad, Malampuzha, Mannarkkad, Nenmara, Ottapalam, Palakkad, Pattambi, Shoranur & Tarur. The most prominent crop in Palakkad is rice. Apart from this, sugar cane, groundnut, tomato, jasmine, pumpkin, ash gourd, bitter gourd, brinjal, Tamarind, Neem, Mango etc are cultivated. Palakkad has large extent of fertile Agricultural Land under Coconut Cultivation. Real Estate, Land price in Palakkad, has increased lately. However low rate, cheap land is for sale in interior areas of Palakkad, District. The major rivers flowing through the district are Bharathappuzha, Gayathripuzha, Kannadipuzha, Kalpathypuzha, Malampuzha & Bhavanipuzha. Land is good for Agriculture except in some villages where land cost is low and cheapest land is available for Sale. Malampuzha Dam on the Bharatapuzha river is a major tourist center. The Silent Valley National Park is located in the Western Ghats of Palakkad Distrcit. The forests in Western Ghats supply Teak Sandalwood and other timber. Agricultural Land is available for Sale from Land Owners in Palakkad. Landzone lists, Real Estate Properties, Cheap Farm Land, Industrial Land, Residential Land Commercial Land, Wet Land, Agricultural Land, Estate Land, Resort Land for Sale from all towns and villages of Palakkad. The focus of Landzone is to develop local database of land in association with Real Estate Agents in Palakkad, for buyers to search and find land, at best cheap rate.

TALUKAS in Palakkad

  • Mannarkad (L-1, P-0)
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Organic Farm for Sale
7.60 acres of organic coconut farm inter cropped with fruit trees and bamboo. In organic farming for 20 years...


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