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Farms for sale.perfect location for farm house. quite place.nearley 16 Acre of land.Excellent investment oppertunity.
Agriculture land ,500 trees with 24hrs. wat. supply. Approx. 8 to 10 km from dahanu...

20 acres coco+coconut garden for sale near DwarakaTirumala in West Godavari
20 acres coc+conut garden for sale near DwarakaTirumala in West Godavari..

Very Good Land For Sales in Gopalapuram. 30 Acres Single bit land for agriculture, industries near Kouvru , rajamandry
30Acres Single bit land, very good water facilities and it is multipurpose land like agriculture, poultry farm..

10 acres palm-oil for sale in Nallajerla (Tadepalligudem)
10 acres palm-oil for sale in Nallajerla (Tadepalligudem)..

even land..

20 acres of agricultural land for sale in Husnabad mandal - Karim Nagar
The lands are fertile.Among 20 acres 8 acres, red soil with open water well with the availability of water rou..

Agriculture land for sell near Parbhani ( 22 km. from Parbhani)
5 acres land very near from the the village, Near school. Very good Soil with 24x7 water...

Land cost just below 10 lakhs per acre in West Godavari
Land cost just below 10 lakhs per acre in West Godavari
All details upon site visit by the direct buyer..

Agriculture land for sale Around Tadepalligudem
1. Mango garden: 18 acres- close to Pallantla village, Cost:Rs.15 lakhs per acre.
2. Paddy land: 11 acr..

15 acres Teak plantation for sale on ADB Road-near Peddapuram
15 acres Teak plantation for sale on ADB Road-near Peddapuram..



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